( 5 Things I Love About Sucker Punch

Marron Marvel: I'm not sure that you can really give Sucker Punch a positive review. This movie suffered from a horrible lack of plot and made no sense whatsoever. I left the theatre going, "That sure was… a movie." But, in the long run, I have decided that this movie is worth seeing. Here are the things that make the movie worth checking out on the big screen despite the nonsensical, convoluted is-there-a-plot plot.

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darklordzor3701d ago

Hey, a somewhat positive article for once on this movie!

Arcee3701d ago

Yeah, the movie may have been one big mess, but my writer and I both agree that the movie did work on some levels and was at the very least fun to watch.

MarronMarvel3700d ago

I couldn't really vouch for the plot, because I think Snyder was trying a little too hard to make it something overly meaningful when it should have just been something fun. I still enjoyed a great deal of the movie, however.

JL3699d ago

See, I don't think that at all really. I don't think he was trying to make it something overly meaningful. I think he was just being pretty straightforward and giving a simple plot. I'm pretty sure at this point Snyder knows his limitations, like the rest of us know about him (he's weak at writing).

I think this thought that he was trying to make it meaningful is partly what has been causing such bad reviews. People get in there and start thinking he's trying to spin some deep moral tale and they start criticizing it as something more than a popcorn flick because of that. I just don't agree with that.

Soldierone3701d ago

Agree with all the above. Especially the scenes coreography.

Id add
-Imaginitive twist to your standard sneaking around trying to escape movie.
-The extremely powerful moral the movie has, something most people wont pick up if they are too caught up in the visuals.
-The fact the rated R release will be like watching a whole new move :P

darklordzor3701d ago

@ Soldierone

Hopefully that's the case with the R rated version. I'm fairly positive it will be, but until we see it, it's hard to say it's another point in its favor.

I'm just glad to see that some people are able to look past some of the issues the film has, and be able to see what's good with this film. There are a lot of things that really work.

DarkBlood3701d ago

this movie was great, at the same time im trying to figure out the begining and how it looked like it went back in time or something

but yeah its all confusing but a great movie indeed at least i understood it somewhat lol

Nikhil3700d ago

I was planning on skipping, but maybe I'll go see it after all.

darklordzor3700d ago

Yeah, don't skip it. Regardless I felt it was well worth the price of admission and should be scene on the screen at least once.

Arcee3700d ago

Even if in the end you don't like it, it is definitely a movie you can't skip.

darklordzor3700d ago

Yes sir, that's exactly what I'm getting at. Even if you didn't like the movie, there are some set pieces in there that deserved to be watched.

JL3700d ago

I definitely would say don't skip it. But I might say wait for it on Blu-ray, especially now that we're going to get the Director's Cut (Real) version on Blu-ray.

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