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5 Major Concerns With The Justice League Movie

From TMP:

With the recent news from Warner’s Brothers President of motion pictures, that a Justice League movie is in the works with the goal of reaching theaters in 2013, many fanboys find themselves torn. While most of us are excited for such a team-up, it’s seems very sudden with a lot of issues behind it. Here at TMP, I’ve listed my five biggest concerns for this movie.

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darklordzor3700d ago

I really do want to see this movie, but under better circumstances. Hopefully they can still pull it out.

Soldierone3699d ago

The thing is Justice League is NOT the Avengers. If you read the comics or watch the show you will know this. There were how many Batman series running during the JL series? And other than the voice actor it pretty much had no influence, except Batman was the same.

Batman needs to be brainy and full of gadgets. Whats wrong with that?

The only continuity issue is the cast. If they start signing the new actors to the deal then fine ill put up with a missing Christian Bale. However having them all differnt might be a little strange.

I honestly dont see the need to tie in every single movie to the JL. It boils down to Superman not capable of beating a villian, Batman has the same issue. They find each other and help each other. This makes them realize that they can form the Justice League. Before this they hardly knew each other existed.

Unless of course you are planning Infinite Crysis.

darklordzor3699d ago

Wow, Infinite Earths would be incredibly difficult to start with...interesting, but ridiculously hard as a starting off point. I think a lot of people would give up on it.

darklordzor3699d ago

I'm not saying that Batman doesn't need to be brainy and full of fact I would hope that would be the case. The issue with Batman now, is he clearly doesn't fit in with any of the continuity for other DC characters in film; and Nolan has made it clear that that's intentional. While Batman himself doesn't need to change his persona, they'll need a Batman character that can do the more fantastical characters or he wouldn't mesh very well with the other cast.

Yes, the JL and Avengers are very different, but the DC universe is interconnected just like the Marvel universe. So some sort of set-up for these films and characters (to at the very least even acknowledge that they co-exist in some form) would make the team-up much easier to swallow.

I don't think every movie needs to tie in with JL. In fact that's one of the things I don't like about what Marvel's doing. They don't have to tie in together, they just need acknowledge that they co-exist, instead of each film acting as if the heroes are in a vacuum all unto themselves. That's all the difference that would be needed really.

Soldierone3699d ago

I just read my comment, it sounded kinda harsh for text but I didnt mean it to come off that way. I thought i just let you know :P

darklordzor3699d ago

@ Soldier

Oh it's not big deal man! I totally understood what you were saying. None of it harsh. Believe me, if I didn't have thick skin, I wouldn't be putting my writing out for everyone to see :)

jbryan20003699d ago

This ones a slippery slope. We all want it..but at what cost? Can this pull of what the Avengers will in 2012. DC has always had struggles making quality Hero films and staying consistent with the actors playing the roles. It would however be an in for Nathan Fillion to rightfully play Green Lantern.

Crazay3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

You have some awfully confident thoughts on Avengers. I thin it has potential to be a good movie, but I suspect it's going to be a disappointment. More Nathan Fillion love eh?