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FX Renews 'Justified' and 'Archer' for Third Seasons

The Voice Of TV writes: "We’re are certainly bummed about FX canceling freshman boxing drama ‘Lights Out‘ but we are all smiles knowing that both’Justified‘ and ‘Archer‘ are set to return next year. Both shows were rumored to be close to renews but FOX has officially announced that both shows are a go for 2012. At least two thirds of the current midseason is coming back."

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Christopher3953d ago

Good move on both, IMHO. Both are part of my weekly watch.

jbryan20003952d ago

Agreed. Archer is hands down one of the few really "smart" shows on at the moment...sorry Two and a Half Men, I just don't get you.

Another great show out right now, The US version of Being Human..check it might like. Great casting.

darklordzor3953d ago

I never got into Justified, but I have friends that watch it religiously. I will say that I love Archer though. In fact, I love just about every cartoon this guy has ever made. He got a great sense of humor and the shows always have me cracking up.

blazsox3952d ago

Adam Reed (creator) or H. Jon Benjamin (voice of Archer)?

darklordzor3952d ago

@ blazsox

Both of them! I really loved Reed's Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, and as for H. Jon Benjamin, his voice work is just so hilarious. Coach McGuirk is always cracking me up and even his cameos on Family have me interested. The men are just funny guys and work well together.

Christopher3952d ago

It's so small, but my favorite role for Benjamin is The Master in Venture Bros. Especially Escape to the House of Mummies II episode where he's shapechanged into Cerberus and covers a lot of ground on the benefits as such.

darklordzor3952d ago

Oh yes! I almost forgot about that. Those were great cameos. Of course just about everything Venture Bros. is ridiculously awesome, so his appearance should be no different. Currently, I'm really in love with Bob's Burgers. I think it hilarious.