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Arthur Press Interviews at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted round table interviews with with Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig, Jason Winer and Peter Baynham.

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Christopher3494d ago

I haven't liked Russel Brand's work so far, or at least not liked his roles in movies, but I have to admit I'm really interested in this based on the trailers. It's not that he's really different so much as reigned in by what looks like a good comedic script and director.

darklordzor3494d ago

The trailers haven't had me very interested, but I will say that it looks much better than I expected. I think it will be worth a rental, but I'll need some better footage before committing to it in theaters.

Christopher3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I do have to admit that the trailers, while I've enjoyed them as a drama-comedy-mance, do feel like they may have put the best material forward and may not live up to it in the theaters.

I'm set to see Hanna over the week it opens (next Friday). But, the wife and I have a set schedule to see a movie once a week and if nothing else comes out after that, then we'll likely add this into the schedule.

darklordzor3494d ago

Man I wish I could set up something like that. We got a toddler and it's incredibly hard for us to find a regular babysitter. Sadly the movies I see, I see by myself, and my wife volunteers to stay and watch the kid. A big reason why I can't see many movies in theaters any more.

Garethvk3494d ago

I think Brand is in a no win situation here. No matter how good he is he will be compared to Dudley Moore and will likely come up lacking. If he sucks, then it will be a further indication how he does not stack up. He is trying to be a leading man here and prove he is not an ensemble actor but this is going to be tough as the original was an Academy Award winning classic and an iconic role for Moore.

darklordzor3494d ago

You make a very good point. In fact, it's yet another film I can't believe they went ahead and remade. They probably should have just left it alone, but I think the story could still have some relevance today. Let's hope it turns out all right.

Nikhil3494d ago

Was Russel Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

Garethvk3493d ago

I watched the original again last night and notices how annoying Arthur was when he was drunk but how kind and caring he was when he was sober. From the trailers, Brand is playing it more of over energized boy who does not want to grow up.

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