AMC Officially Greenlights Season 5 Of 'Mad Men' For Early 2012 Premiere

Deadline says:

Despite not having a deal with Mad Men creator-executive producer Matt Weiner yet, AMC is officially moving ahead with a fifth season of the Emmy-winning period drama, exercising its option with the series' producer Lionsgate TV. (The cable network made a similar move two years ago when, along with Lionsgate, it was again embroiled in difficult renegotiations with Weiner.) Because of the protracted talks with Weiner, referred to in a statement by AMC as "key non-cast negotiations," the premiere of Season 5 is being pushed from the summer to early next year. Here is the full statement: "AMC has officially authorized production of season 5 of Mad Men, triggering our option with Lionsgate. While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, Mad Men will be back for a fifth season in early 2012."

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Crazay3501d ago

I have continually heard great things about this show. I'm not entirely sure it's something that I'd like but I'm planning to give it a shot perhaps in the summer. Assuming I like the series, this is good news because it'll give me time to catch up.

darklordzor3501d ago

I guess it's time for me to check this show out. It gets nothing but positive reviews. I've seen a few of the early episodes, but I haven't really made an attempt to get into it. I think it stems from the fact that I have a much harder time getting into period pieces than anything else.

Christopher3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Heh. I got the blu-rays of seasons 1-3 for dirt cheap during the Holiday season and still haven't watched them. I really need to get on that. I'm just so easily distra... ooh, what's that?

*chases after a butterfly*

Cat3500d ago

Interested to hear what you think. For me, it's a can't-take-my-eyes-away sort of problem. If I think about it, there's nothing I *like* about the show's content - terrible flawed people doing horrible things - but the sum of all that is something really amazing.

darklordzor3500d ago

@ cgoodno

Wow, that's crazy. I couldn't imagine having them (on blu-ray no less) and not watching them. My heart hurts if a movie is sitting on my shelf too long without being watched.

Christopher3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I tend to watch them with the wife when they're on Blu-ray, but it's hard for her to find the time now due to school. I guess I could have watched them, but other things easily distract me.

I also tend to use most of my time to keep up with my weekly viewings. I don't tend to have much time otherwise either.

darklordzor3500d ago

@ cgoodno

I used to do that too with my wife, but I've given up on that now. She rarely has the time either to sit down and watch things with me, and when she does have spare time, she doesn't want to sit and watch stuff. So I've contented myself with watching things on my own or just not seeing them.

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