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Exclusive Interview With Actor Sam Witwer From The TV Show "Being Human" [Shogun Gamer]

Ian Fisher writes: I was able to chat to Sam a bit about his career and his newest role in the hit SyFy Network TV series “Being Human” in which he plays a 300 year-old vampire that has a lot of issues bubbling inside. Sam and I also were able to chat about his work in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games and his thoughts on the technology used in games today and the double standard that video games face when it concerns violence and mature themes.

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Christopher4328d ago

I've enjoyed the last few episodes of the NA version of the show and how it's showing its difference from the British series. I do like Witwer's vampire over Turner. Both carry the pensive role well, but Witwer I believe displays the conflicted emotions better. Extremely happy that Witwer has done a good job of not just copying Turner's role.

OSIRUSSS4328d ago

I loooove the BBC series so much I refuse to watch the NA version.I always thought Turner was just Eye candy for the ladies.I get what you are saying about Witwer he pull the "conflicted emotions" thing off pretty well in Smallville.

jbryan20004328d ago

I thought the same, but the Pilot hooked me. It was THAT good, and the casting is incredible. Give it one might be surprised. Discard the terrible remakes like Shameless and Skins from the UK gems...this one is droves better and respectable IMHO.

Crazay4328d ago

Ive heard nothing but great things about SHameless - Its on my list ....albeit a long list - of things to check out.

darklordzor4328d ago

I never watched the BBC series, but I have enjoyed the NA one...well at least the episodes I've seen. Honestly I don't watch much television, but I always try to catch a few episodes of whatever shows are currently 'hot'.

I like Witwer, but mostly I only know him from those Force Unleashed games and a few episodes of Smallville.

OSIRUSSS4328d ago

There is a scene in season 2( I think?) of the BBC version where George starts transforming into a werewolf in a kindergarten. That was one of the most harrowing things I have ever watched on TV. Also I watched The BBC version on illegal streaming sites so they were unedited. I think the BBCA edits out the nudity and cursing.

Christopher4328d ago

Yeah, no nudity or cursing in the NA versions. I get them via iTunes even and those don't show any nudity or cursing.

darklordzor4328d ago

Oh I'm sure they do cut out all of that stuff. They wouldn't show it on air over here if it wasn't. Sad to say...