Justice League, the Movie? Warner Chief Sets Sights on Team-up Film and 'Reinventing’ Batman

Hero Complex and LA Times say:

Jeff Robinov is already thinking about DC Comics movies for 2013 and beyond, and he’s got “Justice League” and a reinvented Batman on his mind.

The president of the Warner Bros. motion picture group, who recently sat down for an extensive interview with The Times, discussed his long-term strategy for DC beyond movies already in the works, such as June’s “Green Lantern” and next year’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and Superman movie.

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darklordzor3502d ago

At this point I don't really need a JL film...really what I want is a Batman/Superman team up. I would love to see the Justice League on the big screen, but I hate that it won't be the Nolan universe Batman. One of the things Marvel has done well, is establish one expansive universe in which all of their movies fit into. The problem the DC films have had, is they aren't interconnected.

Nolan has said in interviews several times that Batman and Superman exist in two different universes in his mind for these movies. Without that continuity it's a lot harder to accept the films that have already been established.

Crazay3502d ago

Well it makes sense for Supes to be in a different realm than Batman. Nolan's bad guys are extremely plausible thus far (not sure how Bane will work out)so having people who fly or aliens just isn't his deal. I'm not a big fan of seeing Batman and Superman together on a project though.

darklordzor3501d ago

Agreed, it's hard to see them mesh, but even with that, I'd love to see them in a film together. I mean, it's Batman and Superman....awesome!

Soldierone3502d ago

However, it was that way in the comics too. Batman always had the darker tone (well leading up to JL at least) and always had the more down to earth characters.

However he plays that type of character in the Justice League too. He is the brains of things, he uses all the gadgets, and works alongside Superman but never really did all the fighting. He even brings Superman down to earth too. Notice in Justice League comics and the TV show, beyond the core Batman villians (Joker, Penguin etc) they never really faught them.

Its bringing these two worlds together that makes it so great. The whole Marvel intertwining things is cool. However the fact WB is creating these separate worlds would make it ten times more awesome when they come across each other.

darklordzor3502d ago

@ Crazay,

Oh I totally understand it all, but that makes combining them for a movie really difficult to swallow. I love the realistic Batman universe Nolan has created, but it doesn't mesh well with the other elements of the Justice League. So that means we'll get a different type of Batman (possibly Superman too) than we're used to.

Soldierone3502d ago

Reinventing batman again? No. People are so used to him being darker. Even the cartoon was a bit darker. They can reinvent Bruce Wayne, since I dont feel thats Noalans strength, but Batman is what he needs to be right now. There is no need to re invent him.

As for the whole Superman meets Batman thing, WB brings this crap up every so many years and nothing ever happens. I say crap because I get excited everytime only for WB to kill it within a few months. It happens after every Batman film, they even allowed a Batman/Superman sign in I Am Legend and later the director called it a joke.

darklordzor3501d ago

Sadly they are already going to make it happen. I'm sure they'll maintain the darker tone, because that's what's working, and they may even keep the realism (they guy confirmed that Nolan will at least stay on as a producer for more Batman movies).

MojoOops3502d ago

I'd like to see a JLA movie but reinventing Batman? Here's hoping we don't get all kinds of Neon lights and black light face paint again.

CobraKai3501d ago

Not to mention Bat-Nipples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Djinn3501d ago

Lol, I do not see a JL movie happening in two years. Not a good idea.

darklordzor3501d ago

It does seem awfully quick, with very little lead up to it. I think they could easily pull it off (hell Avengers just started filming, and is due out in a year) but that doesn't necessarily mean that they should.

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