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Script Delays Puts 'Star Trek' Sequel Before Jack Ryan For Chris Pine And Paramount

Deadline says:

Paramount Pictures has scrapped a tentative plan for Chris Pine to resuscitate the Jack Ryan franchise before he reprises his James T. Kirk role in a Star Trek sequel. The slow process of nailing the Ryan script has prompted the studio to focus on getting Pine at the helm of the USS Enterprise first, even as the studio waits to see if JJ Abrams will reprise as Trek director.

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Crazay3692d ago

I'm perfectly OK with this information. I have it on good authority that the script is by and large done.

darklordzor3692d ago

Thank goodness! Maybe this means we'll actually get to see Star Trek 2 fairly soon, instead of several more years down the road. As big as it was, they sure don't seem in a hurry to make this sequel.

Honestly, I could care less about more Jack Ryan movies too. But that's more of a personal thing.

Crazay3692d ago

2012 I believe is the target

jbryan20003691d ago

Great first attempt in the series so 2012 looks to be another great fanboy year. Avengers, and this sequel. Now if only we could get another D Craig Bod before he's too old. Best Bond ever...yeh..I said it! :)

darklordzor3692d ago

@ Crazay

Yeah I was just reading about that too. J.J seems to think Summer 2012 is doable, but I can't see it. Unless they start filming now, it'll be hard to make that. With shooting, editing and VFX (especially with how much Abrams is a perfectionist) I can't see them making that timeframe. Hell they're still working on the story.

Who knows, it's fully possible, they've done a lot of the pre-pro work already but it seems really soon.

Crazay3692d ago

as I said earlier - I have it on very good authority that the story is by and large done with certain aspects already in the hands of some people.

artrexler3692d ago

I am a fan of the new Star Trek franchise but I am also a big fan of the Jack Ryan movies. So I'm a bit indifferent. As long as something comes out soon!!!

I agree with darklord...2012 seems a bit early if they haven't gotten all their pre-work done. If they get it out in 2012 I hope they don't have something that they just needed to get in on time and it's actually quality stuff.

Crazay3692d ago

Trek is far more entertaining than another dull quasi spy thriller.

darklordzor3692d ago

@ Crazay, oh yeah, it's in the hands of a few people right now. Hell Simon Pegg has already been tweeting about it...Though I'm sure he shouldn't be.

And yes Star Trek is far more interesting to my nerd mind than a spy movie.

Crazay3692d ago

I'm talking about people not involved in making the movie but projects tied to the movie.

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