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Do We Really Need A Robocop Remake?

Robocop is a film based on a very specific vision by a very specific director, Paul Verhoeven. The film is put together by his idea of filmmaking. If someone tries to remake Robocop with their own ideas, it will fall apart. Paul Verhoeven has a very unique vision when it comes to action, so unique in fact that it can be considered his signature. Same goes with his excellent use of satire, something that’s essential and plays a big role in Robocop.

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-MD-3493d ago

Well my brother really wants it. I'm neutral.

darklordzor3493d ago

Yes...yes we do.

The reasons stated in the article for why it's a bad idea just aren't strong enough. The argument that it's that particular director's specific vision is true of all films and not just Robocop. ANY film made (that's not already a remake) is a product of the filmmaker's vision and story. That's the purpose of having a director in the first place.

I don't think another director's vision would ruin the overall story. Will it look different? Yes, but the overall story and ideas behind Robocop will remain the same.

While I'm excited for this Reboot, I do have concerns about it. Mostly, I'm concerned that it'll be too much like Iron Man. Essentially it's another man in a suit (I know he's a cyborg) going around fighting crime. It's a similar setup and idea, so I worry that they'll emulate Iron Man too much.

jbryan20003491d ago

I feel inclined to nip this in the bud right away. Don't do it. So many yet to be made good movies out there by new young artists with great imaginations. We need some originality IMHO. Next they'll want to remake Willow! Just saying.

Crazay3491d ago


Robocop is one of those series' that fully deserves and should get a relaunch with new technology. The idea and original was so fun and they went and effed it up. This is a good thing because we just might get some proper sequels to the series and maybe Robo will find some closure or peace.