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Disney decided to ditch their previous efforts in favor of the new market to showcase their 50th animated feature. For such a historic event, they made the second most expensive movie of all time (it’s true), employing every CGI technique in the book to create the best looking animated film ever, while also being released in 3D. The result is Tangled, an incredibly vibrant visual showcase that resembles Disney’s traditional fairy tales with a modern sense of humor and terrific vocal performances.

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Soldierone3500d ago

Already pre-ordered it, Amazon just shipped it afew minutes ago! Should be here tomorrow afternoon haha! Everyone here knows im a fan of the film.

JL3500d ago

Really? You're a fan? I hadn't noticed lol

darklordzor3500d ago

I still haven't seen it, so I'm anxious to get this when it comes out Tomorrow. Should be interesting.

Soldierone3500d ago

Have I added anything to your anticipation of watching it? haha

darklordzor3500d ago

You sure do talk about it quite a bit...a scary amount maybe :)

Actually a lot of your positive comments have influenced me on it, because I was very opposed to it at first. Fortunately my son is old enough to start paying attention to movies, so it'll be good for both of us.

Soldierone3500d ago

If he is young and somewhat into animals, he is gonna love the horse in the movie. Hell i love the horse in the movie! haha

But it does have a lot of cool visuals that should be attractive to young kids too.

darklordzor3500d ago

@ Soldierone

Yeah he's 2 years old and he definitely loves animals. He's still learning all of the different animals names, so right now everything is a puppy...

He really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda and actually sat through most of it. My goal is that his first theater film be Kung Fu Panda 2. If it's successful, I'll finally be able to take him to the theater with me!

Soldierone3498d ago

Watched everything on the Blu Ray and while i love the movie, i think the blu ray itself is a bit lacking. The only thing they did to celebrate the 50th animation was put together a quick show reel with 2 to 4 seconds of each movie. I also think they forgot The Goofy Movie....

Other than that they have one featurette on "making of" and it hardly shows anything or dives into the minds of them. The deleted scenes and what not are all mostly pencils, which was neat, but i woulda liked more lol.

They could had things like making an animated movie etc...

darklordzor3498d ago

Kind of sucks that there's not that much to it. I always like my releases to be fairly 'meaty'. Sadly not every movie can do that, though.

jbryan20003498d ago

I have to admit, I wanted to see this in the theater but it seemed to just disappear. Pre-ordered it myself. If anything I support the art of hard working animators. Looks incredible.

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