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Project-Blu Blu Ray Review For 'Tron Legacy 3D'

Project-Blu writes:
Tron Legacy has everything I could ever ask for in a Tron film, a sequel, and an action film. It's beyond smart, so much so that it's unfortunate that it has to reach the ultimate conclusions to a few of its ideas.

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MojoOops3953d ago

Can't wait for this one.

darklordzor3953d ago

Absolute and total pass for me...I mean big time. I didn't like it in the theaters, and I'm sure that won't change on blu-ray. The only thing I plan on doing is watching the bonus features with a friend's copy of it.

jbryan20003952d ago

Great return for this franchise. I'm not sure where it goes from here, but it could've been ALOT worse. I won't spoil it for others who haven't seen t yet, but the ending was a tad suspect to me. I'm hoping in bonus bits they explain how that endings even possible lol.

Crazay3952d ago

Dude - There was a cartoon series announced and if memory serves, its coming much sooner than later.