Anomalous Material: Sucker Punch Review

The time has come. 2011 has produced some outstandingly terrible movies but Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is the first, real, genuine failure. A sinking ship, a car falling off the bridge, a paycheck earned for the stars and money wasted for the spectators.

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cody2oo2943d ago

lol at this review stating sucker punch doesn't have artistry. this movie is a painting in motion at times, and beautifully shot in udder chaos.

Soldierone2943d ago

Semi spoiler.

The train scene....omg that was so cool! haha no artistry my butt. If its one thing the movie excels at, its visuals as thats what Snyder is the king of. Well next to Michal Bay.

darklordzor2943d ago

A .5 really? Geez, a movie has to be on the story level of a damn porno to rate that low. That's taking it way too extreme.

Soldierone2943d ago

I wonder if these sites got shafted in the review process or

I honestly do not understand the complete hate for this film on all grounds by certain sites. I can understand not liking it, or not getting it, etc...but downright calling it the most horrible film they have seen and giving it reviews like this?

Are people that mad they didnt get to see her naked or something?

JL2943d ago

I'm with you. If you didn't like it, fine. But calling it the most horrible and giving such low review scores, I don't understand. Just got to watch it this afternoon and I enjoyed it. Wasn't great, definitely had it's faults and wasn't quite as "kick ass" as I had hoped, but still enjoyable.

darklordzor2943d ago

Agreed, there are so many more films out there a million times worse than this. Maybe they did want to see her that case expect far more positive reviews when the blu-ray comes out!

JL2943d ago

I could see more positive reviews for the DVD/Blu-ray even without a nude scene. In the movie you can definitely tell some editing/cutting was done that most likely took away from the movie. Even Snyder has said this editing took away from scenes that should have been more impactful. I still enjoyed, but I'm betting I enjoy it even more when we get the uncut/unrated version.

darklordzor2942d ago

Very true, and more than likely when it releases a whole bunch of opinions will change, and they'll be some petition to get the director's cut back in theaters.

newn4gguy2943d ago

Sucker Punch is a great movie.

Critics are too pretentious for their own good.

darklordzor2943d ago

Preach on!

Although it really depends. These days so many regular writers/bloggers like us are now doing these reviews, the statement isn't as appropriate as they used to be.

JL2943d ago

Agreed Newn. I'd add uptight as well. For the life of me I can't see how something like this gets "worst movie of the year" type scathing, while The Kids Are All Right gets "movie of the year" type praises.

That is a good point. But at the same time, I've found plenty of those bloggers just pretty much echo what critics say in their reviews.

newn4gguy2943d ago

It's "New N4G Guy". Lol. N4G is the sister-site to Filmwatch.

Thanks though.

Soldierone2942d ago

Yeah video game sites do this too. The big sites create a bandwagon, the smaller sites jump on and hope it carries them to hits. For example moderate sites will bash exclusive titles, if the bigger sites do it. Then retract their statement and give it more positive reviews etc...

Its dumb politics. Thats why im marking these sites that do it. Im finding people that like the same stuff as me and not falling into these bandwagons. a .5 for a movie i loved, things are not looking too good here.

Castor2942d ago

Haven't seen Sucker Punch but certainly I didn't get why everyone loved "The Kids Are All Right" last year. It's like critics choose certain movie to pile on and others to bandwagon pump.

JL2942d ago

lol You're right, my bad. Didn't even take the time to realize what that fully said. And yes, I'm fully aware of what N4G is. I'm a moderator over there as well.

newn4gguy2942d ago

You're a moderator?!? :,( I wish I were at least something. I've been on N4G since 06'. I miss the good ol bubbleless days. ^_^

JL2942d ago

lol Yes I'm a moderator on N4G (and the forums) and the SiteAdmin here on FilmWatch.

darklordzor2942d ago

I was about to say, quit being so modest! You're more than just a Moderator.

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OSIRUSSS2943d ago

I didn't like it But it is NO-WHERE, NO-HOW, As bad is some of these critics make it out to be. I am Number 4 is much worse IMO.

JL2942d ago

Agree (except I did like Sucker Punch). Just off the top of my head, five big releases worse than Sucker Punch:

1. Red Riding Hood
2. The Eagle
3. Season of the Witch
4. The Green Hornet
5. The Roommate

All of these are easily worse than Sucker Punch. Hell I even liked Sucker Punch more than Battle: LA (and I still thought that was ok). I'm sure there are plenty others that are worse than Sucker Punch.

darklordzor2942d ago

Hey....I liked Green Hornet. I thought it was a lot of fun. But the rest of that list is really solid, but I'll add some (not from this decade)

Battlefield Earth

Some from more recent times:

Tron Legacy (just wasted time with it)
Season of the Witch

Soldierone2942d ago

Funny. I Am Number Four was enjoyable to me too. wasnt mind blowing but it was really neat and well put together. lol i guess Im just an oddball. I loved Sucker Punch and enjoyed I Am Number Four, meanwhile I HATED Battle LA and Tron....