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New Thor TV Adverts Released

Two new TV advertisments have been spotted and released on networks this weekend. If you have not seen any media so far related to Thor the two videos below should give you a good idea of what it’s all about!

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technologymob3693d ago

I tagged this as an image... Why does it say 'Watch Video' and not 'view image'? :s

darklordzor3692d ago

Because they are videos and not images. It's the category you chose to put them in that decides that. Besides which the videos should have been embedded as well...

shadow27973692d ago

Wow, I've gotta say, these makes it look kinda cheesy. I hope it's not. And when did Thor get a sense of humor?

darklordzor3692d ago

I don't know, I've always thought it looked very cheesy. It's not on my list of anticipated movies. Honestly of all the comic book movies coming out this summer, this may only be a rental for me.

jbryan20003690d ago

Please please please don't suck Thor. It'll be another lifetime to get another shot. And please, put ON the helmet!

With that said, I'm ready to pre-order my ticket heh. Must support the genre!