'Sucker Punch' DVD Will Include R-Rated Footage, Zack Snyder Says

In case you haven't already seen, heard or read enough about Zack Snyder's action-adventure-fantasy "Sucker Punch," MTV News has you covered. In addition to our catch-all guide to the film and secrets revealed, today we bring you more from Snyder regarding the highly technical aspects of the shoot, as well as what fans can expect on the DVD and Blu-ray.

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Soldierone3702d ago

Sold. Where should i pre-order hmmmm.

I honestly think with the R rated footage, and everything else he had to chop up and change, this will make the film come to a whole new level. I already love it so Im super excited to get my hands on the Blu-ray release. I might even find myself seeing this one again in theaters.

darklordzor3702d ago

Truth be told, I was already sold, but I knew a director's cut was coming and will just anxiously await it. I think we all knew it was coming though.

cody2oo3702d ago

I want a re-release in theaters for the R rated version.

darklordzor3702d ago

LOL. I actually just mentioned that in another thread about how people will change their tune on the film for the blu-ray release and then start petitions for it in theaters.

cody2oo3702d ago

I would think if Zach really thinks it would change the minds of the haters he may just do it, justin bieber did the "directors cut" a week or two after the regular one came out. Zach could easily do it.

darklordzor3702d ago

@ cody2oo

The problem is that Snyder really can't do it. The only reason he didn't do it initially was because of the studios pressuring him to get a lower rating. Unless he could convince the studios to distribute it at the R-rating we're not going to see it. If he could have, that's how it would have originally been.