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Shadowlocked - Early Kurosawa Boxset Review

Shadowlocked - While there is no question as to the importance or phenomenal talent that is Akira Kurosawa, this boxset is unlikely to challenge the dominance of his critically acclaimed Samurai Collection; but is nevertheless an enjoyable and eye-opening insight into one of Japan's greatest film-makers.

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Christopher3691d ago

I always imagine what Kurosawa would do today with the technology and options available to a mind of his creative talent.

Stray Dog is still one of my favorite movies of all time and I love a lot of his other works as well.

darklordzor3691d ago

@ cgoodno

Yeah, I imagine what many directors from the past could do with today's advancements and technology. Though it's a testament to their creativity that they've made these classic films that have held up well over the decades, working with what they had.