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FlixChatter Review: Jane Eyre

After nearly a year of waiting, finally I got to see the latest version of one of my favorite classic love stories, Jane Eyre. The oft-filmed Charlotte Brontë’s gothic novel has been adapted into tv and motion pictures more than two dozen times, not to mention countless theater work of the same name. It’s amazing that after its first publication in London in 1847, one hundred and sixty four years later the story still resonates and beguiles people the world over.

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Castor3954d ago

Really not my type of movie but the fact that Cary Fukunaga is directing this is certainly making this intriguing.

JL3954d ago

Not my type of movie at all. Besides a few rom-coms I can't really get into chick flicks. And lots of times I don't care for period pieces either. Combine the two and it's very likely I have no desire to see is the case here.

darklordzor3954d ago

Very true for me as well. I can't get into most period piece films, but I can get into a chick flick if the story is good enough.

I've never had an interest in these type of novel adaptations though (Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, etc). Nothing about it really appeals to me.

darklordzor3954d ago

You know I got the chance to see this movie a couple weeks early for I gave them to another writer on my site. I just couldn't bring myself to do it!