5plitReel's Five Guilty Pleasure Movies

5plitreel writes:
“Oh this is on …” “It’s not that I like it but there’s nothing else on tv at the moment…” “… F to the monday-to-friday M, this is awesome!”

Everyone has those films that they’re too embarrased to admit they like, because well, they suck. Still we watch them over and over again, and in a way for us they’ve reached a classic status. Here’s a few of mine.

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kay51493502d ago

The Mask was pretty good. haha. Fifth Element was decent. and The 40 year old virgin was alright too. You're right about still liking them all even though they weren't "The best." I have to be in the mood to watch these movies, I can't just put it on when ever I want. lol

darklordzor3502d ago

I will have you know, that there is no reason to feel guilty about Fifth Element...maybe Con Air, but even that's pushing it. Love those movies!

OSIRUSSS3502d ago

Demolition Man, Buckaroo Banzai ,Frighteners, Fright Night,and U-Turn, are my Guilty Pleasure Movies.

darklordzor3502d ago

I always put Demolition Man on my list too, but I still don't think it should be on a guilty pleasure list. It was just so much fun!

JL3501d ago

Demolition Man? Tsk tsk. You shouldn't say that aloud :P lol

Though, in that case, you'll be happy about what Netflix has added to their instant lineup this week.

darklordzor3501d ago

I won't hear any sass-mouth about Demolition Man....

And yes, I am very excited about it's addition to instant watch (I think we talked about that last week). I've already told my wife, and she just rolled her eyes....she knows what's coming.

artrexler3501d ago

Con Air is one of the best movies I've seen Nick Cage in. He's done some pretty stupid movies lately and somehow his acting has gotten worse...or maybe it's the scripts. But anyways. I remember seeing Con Air and loving it! I thought it had so many sadistic things going on that it was just awesome!! Steve Buscemi singing "He's got the whole world in his hands" as the plane is crashing. Come on people!

I'd say my 5 guilty pleasures would be When Harry Met Sally, Scream Trilogy (can't wait for the fourth!!!), 9 1/2 Weeks, Practical Magic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Man I can be such a girl sometimes.

darklordzor3501d ago

I always loved Con Air and The Rock. I thought he did a really good job in those films. Maybe he should revisit that type of action genre. As weird as he seemed for action flicks, he did a great job with them.

artrexler3500d ago

I think Con Air and The Rock were so good mainly because of the writing and producing. I'm a big fan of Jerry Bruckheimer.

darklordzor3500d ago

Yes, those movies were good because of more than just Nic Cage. He just did a really great job with the roles he was given in those films. I miss those old, zany Bruckheimer action flicks. They are ridiculous in concept, sure, but they are incredibly fun too!

JL3501d ago

I enjoyed both of those as well. Still in the action flick genre though, I prefer Gone in 60 Seconds. But I definitely enjoy Con Air and The Rock. Seen both of them plenty of times.

darklordzor3501d ago

I never cared for 60 Seconds, thought I remember enjoying it. Could have been much better.