What Makes Michael Myers Scary?

Feardex writes:
Michael Myers is one of the greats. Of course, I’m referring to the horror icon not the Canadian born comedian of “Austin Powers” fame, though Mike Myers can be pretty scary (“The Love Guru”, anyone?). Michael Myers has slashed his way through nine films since 1978. He is currently on a break from Hollywood, but hopefully, he will return to the big screen soon. Just for kicks, part of me would like to see the guy go up against such fellow horror icons as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees in a “versus” film, but somehow I feel that’s beneath him. Michael Myers is better than that, just like Mike Myers is better than “The Love Guru”. But I digress…

Michael Myers shares many of the same qualities as fellow horror icon Jason Voorhees. Both icons wear a mask and both are rather intimidating size wise. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees each have an almost super human ability to keep on killing and show up almost anywhere, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. Yet, Michael...

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