LRA: Sucker Punch - Theatrical Review

David Weaver from Lights Remote Action writes: From the mind of director Zack Snyder comes a very stylized and somewhat sultry entry into what can only be called the world of geekdom. I have heard and read so many reviews already that have been throwing around all the influences and/or genres that Snyder has stolen from like candy. It is amazing the amount of hatred this film has stirred up and after seeing it for myself I quite honestly I don't understand where all those feelings of disgust are coming from. I will be the first to admit that it has some very deep flaws most of which are almost deal breakers for me but there is also a level of originality in its visuals and presentation unlike I have ever seen. I guess that brings us to the age old question of film, what is more important to you...the visuals or the story? If you are like me and can't really separate the two then you might come away from Sucker Punch fairly frustrated and just the tiniest bit blown away by what Snyder has made here.

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