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How the Jason Bourne Series Changed Modern Cinema

MovieRamblings writes:
In 2002, the genre of espionage movies was in a shaky spot. With the James Bond series in serious danger of becoming a parody like Austin Powers and the much hyped Vin Diesel vehicle XXX failing to leave any lasting impression on the cinematic punters, it was the Bourne series – that came from out of nowhere – and for me at least, was the most important action series of the decade.

Thick in plot, production and style, it was a breath of fresh air compared to it’s CGI obsessed counterparts.

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newn4gguy3954d ago


Generic action flick is generic.

JL3954d ago

I don't think the Bourne series was exactly generic action flick. I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy and it gave more substance and style than the typical generic action flick by a long shot.

darklordzor3954d ago

Agreed, it wasn't just a generic action flick, and had a very new take on the spy thriller genre, but on the whole I don't think it changed cinema in general.

darklordzor3954d ago

I wouldn't say that it revolutionized fight choreography of chase scenes either. While it had good ones, other films had paved the way for a change in those things in film.

JL3954d ago

Yea I wouldn't call it a generic action flick, but I wouldn't say it changed cinema nor revolutionized anything. At best it was just a refreshing take on the genre, with some very good use of elements that had already been instituted into cinema well before it.

artrexler3952d ago

Definitely didn't revolutionize fight choreography...anyone heard of The Matrix?

I really enjoyed the Bourne trilogy but I agree that it did not revolutionize anything. Just put a little spin on what was already there. It had great entertainment value and I like when Damon does the more serious roles anyways. Yes, I would call this a serious role, his acting -in between the fighting- was awesome.

darklordzor3952d ago

That's pretty much exactly what I was thinking of too artrexler. Matrix truly redefined choreography, even though they used wires and such, that doesn't change the impact it had on fight movies in general.

darklordzor3954d ago

@ JL

Refreshing is probably the best word for it, actually. It didn't do anything new, but at the time it came out, was definitely a breath of fresh air.