Angry Birds Fan-Made Movie Trailer Released [Hilarious]

The game has received so much success and appreciation worldwide that nowadays, everyone is talking about a movie on Angry Birds. There’s absolute no information on whether there’s going to be a movie on this popular iOS game but there are some ways which would help you in imagining, how an Angry Bids movie would look like.

Check out the video.

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Soldierone3505d ago

Lmao! Wow.

However are people really expecting a movie? its a friggin phone game, its popular because people sit bored at work and turn it on...should we make a bubble pop movie too?

darklordzor3505d ago


And to Soldier, there have been several rumors about an Angry Birds movie and there have been people anxious and excited about that. Personally I love the game but couldn't see it as a movie.

Soldierone3505d ago

Maybe a cartoon series or something, but a full fledged movie? Especially if it attempts to be live action lol.

I understand the love for Angry Birds, but the amount its getting is kinda rediculous. Its a phone game. I guess the studio behind it are just really good at marketing...

darklordzor3505d ago

You know I didn't think about a cartoon series before, but yeah I could totally see that working out. A movie wouldn't be very good and I think the interest for that has gone away and they aren't doing it anymore.