Riding The Television Rollercoaster

From Heroes to Icons writes:
One day you’re watching a program and the next thing you know it’s not coming on anymore. What exactly makes a good show? What are people really watching? To tell you the truth FHTI's can’t stand Reality TV. FHTI's works for the public. At the end of the day FHTI's want to relax. Not watch more real people doing dumb things. It seems that all the good shows turn out bad or aren’t even given a chance to perform.

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MojoOops3494d ago

I much prefer to record shows and watch multiple episodes one after the other or just wait and buy the season on DVD but it is pretty annoying to get into a show and see it cancelled without a proper ending.

darklordzor3494d ago

Honestly, unless I watch something "live" then I won't watch it. I record all kinds of things on the DVR but I never sit down to watch them. I just don't make the time so it never ends up happening.

crazy9z3494d ago

In this day in age, I prefer all the seasons of my favorite shows to be release on Netflix allowing me to have unlimited access anytime I want.

darklordzor3494d ago

Well, now it depends on the shows you want, since they're getting rid of a lot of their TV programs.