Mr. Popper’s Penguins Trailer Released

The first trailer for Mr Popper’s Penguins has been released. Jim Carrey stars as a businessman whose life is changed as he is forced to change his apartment to cater for six penguins.

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Christopher3499d ago

I'm seeing a big message about global warming here. At least my wife will like it, she loves penguins.

darklordzor3499d ago

I have always liked Jim Carrey so chances are I'll see it mostly for him. I just hope they can keep it a little more in the realistic realm and not get too goofy with it. While I like his goofy persona's, I think he does some of his best films outside of that.

JL3499d ago

Yea I'm with you. I've always liked Jim Carrey as well. So at the very least I'm going to rent this to give it a watch. I'd probably give anything he does at least a chance. It looks like it could be..."cute".

darklordzor3499d ago

Yeah I'm with you there. As much as I like the guy, this movie doesn't look like much more to me than a rental. Cute is probably a very good word to describe it too, since that's what the trailer is like...cute.