Hero Worship: Can the Captain America Movie Save Comics?

IGN says "So how about that Captain America trailer? I know it blew the minds of most of us here at IGN, and certainly received a better reaction than Thor. Now that we're all rocking back and forth in our nerd thrones eagerly anticipating July 22, what does that mean for the months in between?"

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Soldierone3706d ago

I see many opposing points here.

-Why would you jump into the middle of a series? You dont buy issue 12 of 15, that makes no sense. Even a new person knows that. Thus the first issue or two will explain whats going on very well. Comics do something major movies cant, tell stories.

-Why would you go to Barnes and Noble to find a comic book? I can understand doing it when your bored or stuck with a gf or something. However comic book stores still exist and last time i checked Barnes and noble is no comparison by anymeans.

However I do like the idea of selling the comics before movies too. Putting an ad infront of your own movie doesn't cost anything, you just add an extra space. You can also spend a few thousand and put those ads in theaters in general too.

I think DC does a better job with their comics anyways. They tend to at least have influence from the comics in their movies.

darklordzor3706d ago

"stuck with your GF" in Barnes and's sad to say that when my wife and I were still dating, that's what we did on dates! We love going to bookstores.

You're right though, I buy comcis from a comic shop. Buying them at a bookstore most of the time means they're all crumpled and bent up.

Soldierone3706d ago

I love it too, as does my GF, but there is a certain point where you looked at what you want to look at and the very small comic book section starts being more appealing than ever lol.

Yi-Long3705d ago

.... they need to stop churning out 9 different books for each character every month.

There's too many mediocre writing and art getting released, with different time-lines, universes, whatever.

It's just a complete mess, with big cross-overs and 'shock-plots' and all that. Ooohhh a major character dies!!! it's on CNN!!! OOohhh 8 months later he's back again!!! Let's kill another one!!!

I just want my comicbooks the 'old fashioned way'. I much prefer somewhat ageless heroes just having nice adventures. I want Spider-Man to be the kid/student/young reporter that comes across a mind-controlled Thing, and I want Batman to just fight different villains and organised crime each issue.

I want comics to go back to the late 80's, early 90's, where stuff was still pretty damn clear and the major series had good writing and artwork.

In short: If you want to save comics, bring back the focus instead of just releasing a huge bundle of books each month.

darklordzor3705d ago

@ Yi-Long

That's a very good point too. There are a ridiculous amount of books for each and every character. Even for fans it's hard to follow the story and the continuity.

In fact continuity is my biggest issue with all of those extra comics. I think the art isn't that bad and the stories can be interesting, but they overlap too much and don't work well together.

darklordzor3706d ago

I'm going to be honest when I say that I don't think comics really need saving. In fact things seem to be at all an time high for comics right now. The recent influx of comic movies has make the geek culture appealing now, and many people who didn't care about comics (or certain characters) or now interested.

On top of that, the digital revolution is making comics even more accessible and people are buying the digital versions like crazy.

Soldierone3706d ago

It sucks that everything is going digital...I mean in a way its cool as I dont need to get up to do anything, but at the same time there is nothing better than going to a comic book store and picking up all the comics.

And personally I cant read worth crap on the computer. I can read short articles and what not but my attention span is so much lower and i get headaches (i hate complaining lol) Like reading reviews, ill usually read half of it then go do something and come back to it. Or when I write something ill take frequent brakes when i read it so i dont start glancing over it instead.

darklordzor3705d ago

Oh man I am so with you! I love having something tangible in my hands. I love the feel and smell of the comics (even books), and it's a big reason why I refuse to get a kindle or nook. I have a hard time reading things online, and if it's something big enough, I'll just end up printing it out, so I can read it on paper!

Arcee3705d ago

I agree with darklordzor in that I don't think comics really need saving. Is the readership as high as it was back in the mid-90s? No. But when you consider a lot of those sales numbers back then came from pure collectors as opposed to comic fans, the numbers of fans has actually increased.

When I first started at the site I am editor for, we had no comic book section. After I started one and became editor of the section, the numbers on our site nearly tripled cause of that as the page views comic related articles began overtaking other articles. Also, when talking to reps from different companies including Marvel, DC, Image, Zenescope and others, fans have really started to come back in larger numbers.

And as Yi-Long pointed out, if they want to get better stories to help sales they need to stop putting out 10 variations of every title. Marvel is the biggest culprit in this regards. How many X books, Avengers books, Spidey books do we really need out there?

darklordzor3705d ago

The number of fans in comics has definitely increased, but I think the sales are down more because of the digital aspect that we've mentioned before. Comics have expanded a great deal, and they're widely accepted these days, but people are getting them in different ways than they used to.

Arcee3704d ago

Sales of hard copies are down. But take into account the numbers being sold through Marvel's own digital and the other publishers using Comixology and you get some pretty good numbers in terms of readers. I am not a big fan of digital comics but it seems that if companies want to turn more profits, they will have to figure out the balance between hard and digital copies to save money on hard copies not sold.

darklordzor3704d ago

Yep, that's exactly what I'm talking about. There are so many different ways of getting your comics these days, that it's no wonder tangible sales are down. Personally I can't do the digital stuff, but there are plenty who don't mind at all.