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Game-Sait: Why Video Game Movies Suck

Since 1993, Hollywood, with dollar signs in their eyes, has sort to adapt popular video games into feature films. And while gaming itself has changed, one thing has remained constant: movies adapted from video games suck!

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GoDHanDSama3502d ago

I think if Hollywood takes a break from the "Genre" for a generation, then maybe the next generation would know how to accurately represent video games on the big screen.

darklordzor3501d ago

It's not so much that they need a break, as they need a breakthrough. Comic book movies had a defining point where they really started to work (Spider-Man) but before that, they were just as big a joke as videogame movies are now.

They need a good director, who can hold his own vision, while staying true enough to the source to really bring this genre where it should be.

Quagmire3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Peter Jackson = Halo, Christopher Nolan = Assassin's Creed, Guy Del Toro = Bioshock, David Fincher = Heavy Rain, James Cameron = Mass Effect, Pixar = LittleBigPlanet, Darren Aronofsky = Dead Space

any objections?

darklordzor3499d ago

For the most part I'm definitely with you (though I don't see a need for a LBP movie). A James Cameron directed Mass Effect would be very freaking epic, but I must say that I still want Gore Verbinski to direct a Bioshock film (like he originally planned).

Soldierone3501d ago

Its because for some odd reason the movie industry doesn't believe the video game industry can tell a story. through college so far, im a film major, and the professors always talk about this. They think the added gameplay element adds to much for the story to not matter as much.

I used Uncharted and MGS as examples and they didnt understand. The directors and writers taking these projects think the same way. Look at the guys behind Uncharted, they have no sense of what the game is or how it works. Look at PoP and how he said "you cant give the same experience" so he changed the entire storyline to fit a new movie. Its not needed.

Just play the game, study the storyline, talk with the developers, an create a film version of the game. Am I saying it needs to be ientical? No. But when you make Uncharted about family issues with Mark Whalberg as the charismatic Drake there seems to be an issue somewhere....

Just look at Comic books. Do you notice when they vere off from the comics, they suck? the fan reaction is horrible and so on? Yet when they stay close to the core people love them? There is a reason for that.

darklordzor3501d ago

You really hit the nail on the head there. It makes no sense to me why so many filmmakers think videogames can't tell stories. Hell for the most part, I will only play a game with a story that interests me. Cool gameplay is one thing, but a great story is what keeps me playing several more hours into it.

GoDHanDSama3499d ago

I have an extremist view, That games tell better stories than movies or novels, games go a step further to do what movies and books have always failed, It's to immerse you into the story or at least give you the illusion that you are influencing the story's direction. It is this aspect of in-game story telling that movies have failed to capture and could very well be reason why they've failed to move fantastic stories to the big screen.

darklordzor3499d ago

I see exactly what you're saying, but I don't so far as to say movies and books can't do the same. There are several movies that really immerse me in the experience.

Games do a phenomenal job of telling a story and all the people who claim otherwise, either haven't spent enough time playing games, or are only playing Angry Birds on their phones and calling themselves a gamer.

GoDHanDSama3498d ago

OK, I recede my extremist view,(just a little) I'm glad we have real gamers here at filmwatch. Its strange that you brought up Angry Birds as your example though, It's an immersive game but has zero in plot department.

darklordzor3498d ago

That was partly my point with Angry Birds. It has no plot and if that's all they are playing (or other games without plot) then of course that's how they view games. The fact is, if they logged 20-30 hours in any RPG they'd no the error of their thinking. Or hell, just play 2-3 hours of Uncharted (1 or 2) and they'll see the light.

And yes, I'm a very big gamer. On top of writing for movies I also write on a gaming website. I love them!