Game-Sait: Sucker Punch Review

game-sait says "I've never seen a film like Sucker Punch...and I pray I never have to again. WTF! This isn't just a bad movie: its 5 bad movies in one.

Its TRON: Legacy, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Mortal Kombat and Red Sonja, all rolled into one. After watching this film, I got the distinct feeling director Zach Snyder was rummaging through Christopher Nolan’s dumpster and he stumbled upon an incomplete draft of Inception's script and figured that the whole dream within a dream, fantasy within a fantasy would be all the rage in 2010/2011."

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GoDHanDSama2767d ago

Great review, now you have me confused about whether I should watch the movie or not????

Soldierone2767d ago

If you do, go in with an open mind and allow your imagination to take over. See it for the creative film it is, not critique every aspect of it. do that and you will love it.

darklordzor2766d ago

I say it should be at least worth seeing once in the theaters, just to do so. Like Soldier has said many times on the site, imagination and an open mind is key.

newn4gguy2766d ago

Dear Game-Sait,

You just lost another fan.


Sucker Punch was amazing.

darklordzor2766d ago


Oh man, I'm not sure I would go so far as that. I try to not let individual reviews color my view on an entire site. But I see your point.

newn4gguy2766d ago

I couldn't help myself. If I can't be dramatic...I'm not having fun.


darklordzor2766d ago

Well we are all film people so being dramatic is just part of who we are I guess!

shammgod2765d ago

Great movie, Emily killed it as Baby Doll.

MojoOops2765d ago

There are so many poor reviews of this movie. I'm losing interest in it.

Soldierone2765d ago

Look user review comparisons. The critics say it suck, yet nearly everywhere the user reviews are all positive.

darklordzor2765d ago

Soldierone is right, you've got to look at the user reviews too and what the general audiences are saying about it and not just the critics.

MojoOops2763d ago

It still doesn't instill too much confidence in me. I'm still going to watch it but I'll be goign in with very low expectations

GoDHanDSama2764d ago

No offense to anyone, User's watch an average of one movie a week, Critics watch movies on a daily and have watched way more than the average person, they know what makes a good movie as opposed to users who are easily swayed but awesome CG and forget that there is no solid plot behind all this action, hence why user reviews aren't anything to go by.
Not targeting anyone, but they're people as dumb as sticks out there, their opinion isn't the one I would want to base my movie choice on.
If you look at the related reviews you can see a correlation of Suckitude, now what are supposed to think about the person who said Sucker Punch is awesome? They're excused if their male and still fascinated by pubic hair :D.