Emily Browning Upset Over 'Sucker Punch' Censoring

Starpulse writes:
Emily Browning was left fuming after her sex scene with Jon Hamm in Sucker Punch was axed from the upcoming action movie in a bid to please U.S. censors.

The Australian beauty gets intimate with the Mad Men actor in Zack Snyder's latest project, in which she plays a young woman who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

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darklordzor3704d ago

Well, we'll get to see it in the director's cut, plus a lot of other stuff. I forget which interview, but Snyder has said he's got at least 18 minutes of footage for his director's cut.

Christopher3704d ago

I hope a good number of those minutes are during the psych ward to dance theater transition. I felt that went way too fast before exploring a bit more of the psych ward and the people in it.

malamdra3704d ago

just got back from it and loved it, Emily Browning is so fricking hot, couldn't take my eyes of her

but yes, the movie pushes the PG-13 to the braking point and it should've been rated R, Jon Hamm has about 1 minute of screen time

darklordzor3704d ago

An R-rating would have been very interesting to see, and I'm surprised he couldn't get away with it. I mean he got Watchmen and 300 to remain a hard 'R' so why did he have so much trouble from the studios on this one?

Arcee3704d ago

I wish they would have just left it in, but whatever. If it was that important for the film to get a PG-13 rating, so be it. I am getting pretty tired of the MPAA and directors and studios bowing down to them. Then again, I am very much anti-censorship, and the MPAA is a censorship board no matter how they try to spin it.

JL3704d ago

Eh, not really. They merely dish out ratings. Ratings are needed. We don't need parents taking kids to movies that suddenly have some sex scene in the middle of it that the parent didn't know about. Or turn out there's tons of cussing in it that wasn't evident from trailers and the 8yo boy don't really need to hear.

The MPAA isn't really the bad guy here (they don't censor, they just regulate/rate). It's the studios (and to a slightly lesser extent the directors) that bring it on themselves. They get greedy and don't want to cut out a certain age group of their target audience so they censor themselves and sacrifice the movie so that they can make an extra buck.

Putting the blame on the MPAA for things like this would be akin to saying it's the FCC's fault that more cable channels don't provide more "risque" shows that include adult themes and cussing and nudity and so on and so on. It's not the FCC's fault. The FCC has no say whatsoever what cable channels can air. They only get to censor network channels. It's the cable channel's fault itself that more stuff like that isn't done, because they don't want to offend anybody or drive off any customers with questionable content due to them being there just to make a buck. Comedy Central is a perfect example of how the FCC can't do anything about it and it's entirely up to the network itself.

sorceror1713704d ago

To JL: I agree that the MPAA serves a useful function... I just wish they did a better job of it. See the indie production "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" for a dissection of the MPAA rating process.

Ratings can be useful. Inconsistent and politicized ratings, not so much.

jony_dols3704d ago

Who would have thought that the kid in A Series of Unfortunate Events would be riding the rooster off some dude off in her next big film.

malamdra3704d ago

personally I care very little about theatrical editions so as long as they include it all on the blu ray it's fine by me

until you see the extended cuts you haven't really seen Avatar, Watchmen, The Lord of the Rings, etc

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Soldierone3704d ago

you actually notice this stuff and its one of the few things that bugged me. They literally beeped out the F word like 5 times, and it skips certain things like this. You can tell there was supposed to be a sex scene in a way. However I realized this and thats why I liked it, ill be watching the directors unrated cut when it comes out and it will be all that much better.

darklordzor3704d ago

Some days I think I live for the director's cuts. I just love watching them, though I wish they weren't necessary. I wish everything would be able to be shown in the theater.

Just like with Watchmen, I'll be very much looking forward to the director's cut of this on blu-ray.

Crazay3704d ago

I'm really unhappy her sex scene was cut out too... Different reasons though I guess.

JL3704d ago

I can probably guess your reason and agree with it too lol

darklordzor3704d ago

Yes....many good reasons to be upset about it being cut!

MinimeJer053704d ago

Yeah, apparently each girl had a musical number, but they were all cut. So expect more singing in the Directors Cut.

JL3704d ago

Hmm that I actually don't mind. I don't particularly care for musical numbers, especially not lots of them, in a movie. So cutting them out just ensures I don't have to sit through them when I go to see this.

MinimeJer053704d ago

Yeah, the singing was already kind of bugging me in the theatrical cut, not sure if I can see much more of it, unless it furthers the story.

darklordzor3704d ago

I have never been a huge fan of musical numbers in any capacity, in any movie. I have never been a big music guy, and I can't hardly sit through musicals...which sucks because those of the movies my wife loves.

JL3703d ago

I understand your pain dark. I don't care for musical numbers or musicals at all. Unless it's Disney movies, for some reason I can let those have a pass even though essentially they are musicals to a degree. But, that's beside the point. I can't stand musicals for the most part. However, my girlfriend seems to love musicals and musical numbers. It was only because of bad, nay horrible reviews that I got out of being drug to Burlesque lol And mentioning to her that Sucker Punch had musical numbers in it only made her want to see it even more.

Crazay3703d ago

BLECH!!! I hope that's a joke dude. April Fools day isn';t until next week.

outwar60103704d ago

finally a plus or living in europe but still the negatives outweigh everything right now

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