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Turbo-Exp Review: Can Chris Pine And Denzel Washington Stop The 'Unstoppable'

Tony Scott's Unstoppable is an amazing blend of all out action and jaw dropping drama, topped off with the amazing talents of Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. The story revolves around newcomer conductor Will (Chris Pine) and veteran engineer Frank (Denzel Washington), who try to stop the engine 777 or A.K.A Triple 777 from stopping. At first Will and Frank start on a bumpy road because of Will's inexperience and the fact that Frank doesn't like that he is getting fired. Frank puts his difference's aside and helps Will with picking up engine 1206 cargo. While Will and Frank are heading to get the cargo for engine 1206. Dewey (Ethan Suplee) is in the process of moving engine 777 to a different track because the track that it is currently on needs to be cleared for oncoming trains.

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