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"Sucker Punch" MovieStinger (Re)View

MovieStinger: The second video-game style movie released this month, Sucker Punch shares many parallels to Battle: Los Angeles, but it’s going to be tougher to defend director/co-writer Zack Snyder’s latest motion picture. Sucker Punch hits you with Snyder’s trademark one-two combo of spectacular action and stylized cinematography, but much like Battle: LA, its weak spots are the dialogue and the plot. Whereas Battle: LA didn’t seem to try to go beyond anything more profound than its “aliens-here!-nuff-said” backbone, Sucker Punch winds up and takes a wild swing… and misses. It’s a valiant effort and might look good as it’s happening, but when you do that, you fall hard. It’s no wonder why the film wasn’t screened for critics.

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