James Vanderbilt Returning to Pen 'Spider-Man' Sequel (Exclusive)

Heat Vision:Columbia isn’t even done shooting The Amazing Spider-Man, its Spider-Man reboot, but it has already begun working on a sequel.

James Vanderbilt, who penned Amazing, will be back behind the keyboard for the continuation of the new movie franchise.

Vanderbilt had a meeting with the Spider-Man filmmakers and studio execs yesterday outlining his take, getting a thumbs up, and will now begin writing.

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darklordzor3498d ago

I never approve of such things. Even in properties that I'm immensely interested in (like Green Lantern), I don't think any work should begin on a sequel until the first movie is out.

It's not that I don't want a sequel, but it's hard to see what works and what doesn't work in a film without having the finished product first, and hearing people's reactions.

Penning a script this soon might mean they keep expounding upon any problems in the first film instead of fixing them. Sure they could scrap the script or re-write it, but that's money wasted. Just seems like a no-win situation.

Soldierone3498d ago

The thing is at this point it doesnt matter in the studios eyes. Spiderman is gonna make bank even if its a giant turn on wheels rolling down a hill for two hours.

That and who knows what Disney is doing to sony. They probably have a time limit to when the contract expires and what not and Disney could be pushing to get their name on it after that.

darklordzor3497d ago

Oh yeah, you're totally correct. It's still going to be making plenty of money, so in the studios eyes it is justified. But I still don't think that's for the best. Just seems like poor strategy to me.

MojoOops3495d ago

I wonder if this means that they've left the ending open to make way for the next enemy.