FX's Announces Cancellation of Lights Out

FX announced Tuesday that it is cancelling its newest dramatic series, Lights Out. The series will air its final two episodes on March 29 and April 5 in its regular timeslot at 10PM on Tuesdays.

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darklordzor4272d ago

Huh...guess it's "lights out" for that show! ... nothing. Fine.

Honestly I never saw this show, so I can't say that I'm particularly sad to see it go, but from all that I've heard it's was supposed to be a pretty decent show.

Soldierone4271d ago

I watched a couple by leaving my TV on. It was a good quality show, it was just slow and didnt really have all the action they advertised it as having. They marketed it towards the UFC crowd (20 something year old college boys) and it wasn't for them.

darklordzor4271d ago

Hell I didn't even do that! I just plain didn't watch the dang show. Despite all of the good reviews it got, I just wasn't ever interested.

Entropic4271d ago

I'm hate to see this show go; it was one of my favorites in quite some time. FX seems to produce quality shows year after year, only to cancel them shortly thereafter. In my opinion, Lights Out and Terriers were both better than Sons of Anarchy (which I also like). Just unfortunate to see Lights Leary bite the dust.

darklordzor4271d ago

@ Entropic

You are correct sir. FX has a habit of creating higher quality (in terms of production too) shows...but not all of them catch on. Sad to see, but hopefully they'll keep churning out the good ones.

VMAN_014271d ago

Yeah I think Nip Tuck was one of the rare exceptions in that field where it was a high quality show that managed to catch on and actually lasted a nice 6 seasons.

darklordzor4270d ago

You make a very fine point. Nip/Tuck did actually manage to catch on, though I think even it struggled in the first season or two. Maybe FX needs to start rethinking their marketing campaigns.

ngecenk4271d ago

this one is a flop i think/. it was marketed with violence and action but it comes with too many drama. it confuses the audience and no target market grabbed with the ads.

JL4271d ago

That's what I heard was that it didn't live up to the promise of action like it advertised. Of course I was never at all interested enough to tune in for even one episode.

darklordzor4270d ago

Odd. I can see why they'd market it like that, but after the first episode it may have been time to back off. At that point they're only going to be upsetting people turning in to watch it.

Entropic4270d ago

I never really saw any of the promo's for this show, but once I tuned in, I was hooked. The overarching story lines are very well conceived, the writing is typically spot-on, and the acting was great to boot. I suppose it's the fault of the producers/network for not advertising the show in the right way, because for me, it was one of the best of this season.

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