Entertainment Focus - Review: Life As We Know It

Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl – The Ugly Truth) and Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel – Transformers) went on a blind date one evening many years ago on the insistence of their respective best friends Alison and Peter Novak (Christina Hendricks – Mad Men and Hayes MacArthur – She’s Out Of My League). It was a monumental failure but both Holly and Eric did share one thing in common, their love for their best friends. One fateful night Holly gets a phone call from the Police telling her that Alison and Peter have died in a car accident. Holly and Eric are both tasked with looking after their baby daughter Sophie in the unfortunate event of their untimely deaths. Now Eric and Holly must put aside their obvious differences and somehow live together to raise Sophie - even though neither one of them is ready to start a family, especially not with one another.

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kay51493495d ago

I thought this was a really good movie. Plus I like Josh Duhamel, he is a good actor and I like him for his looks. :)

darklordzor3495d ago

Couldn't stand this movie. Well, I guess I shouldn't go that far. The movie itself wasn't that bad, it's your typical movie like this, but Katherine Heigl made this nearly unwatchable. Anyone else would have been far better suited for this movie.