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Mickey Mouse’s First Feature Length Film Being Developed At Disney

During an interview with Burny Mattinson on Disney's upcoming Winnie The Pooh, Bleeding Cool got the scoop that Disney's next animated feature film, may feature the big man himself; Mickey Mouse.

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darklordzor3695d ago

Hard to believe the Mouse hasn't had his own feature film. I mean even Goofy got one of those!

Soldierone3695d ago

Really? Mickey Mouse has never had a feature film? I know he had all kinds of films, i dunno if any reached theaters though. Winnie The Pooh and Goofy made bank, why has Mickey never seen the screen?

darklordzor3695d ago

@ Soldierone

Nope! He's made his career in a bunch of short films and of course the TV show, but that's about it. Outside of a few Direct-To-DVD releases, Mickey Mouse has never had a full on theatrical feature. It is awfully mind-boggling isn't it?

Soldierone3695d ago

Really strange that the biggest company there is hasnt even made a feature length movie for their flagship

Thats like saying Mario never appeared in a game, then sudenly Nintendo announces a Mario game. But i guess it can happen haha.

Then again Mickey is nothing more than a "logo" anyways, so its semi ok. It would be like the little fisher kid in the Dreamworks logo getting TV shows and what not.

JL3694d ago

"It would be like the little fisher kid in the Dreamworks logo getting TV shows and what not."

Not at all. The kid is just part of a logo. Mickey isn't just a logo. He's an icon. And he's actually a character, having appeared in shorts and shows and comics/cartoons, etc. The boy sitting on the moon is nothing.

And seriously, not only is it mind-boggling, quite frankly it's a crime that Mickey has never been on the big screen in a feature film.

Soldierone3694d ago

Im not saying that specific icon, but im saying its how they brand their image. Disney and Mickey go hand in hand. Marvel could of had one superhero that maybe appeared in a thing here and there, but never really had his own thing. Yet they tag him on everything and create a mascot.

It would be similar if that kid on the moon had a TV series, a few cartoons, maybe some direct to dvd kids movies etc...then suddenly Dreamworks announces Kid On the Moon.

Its just my odd way of thinking about it lol. Im still in shock Mickey never had a feature film.

darklordzor3694d ago

Mickey is a little more than a logo, but I won't deny that he is that as well. But the fact that he started off as a character in his own short films, and then many different kinds of TV shows, elevates above the 'logo' level.

I think your Mario analogy was the most appropriate.

JL3694d ago

Looking at this, the title is a bit misleading. First off, Mickey has been in a feature length film before (a couple or a few). Though they were Direct-to-DVD, they were still feature length. Then if you go into the article and read the quote, it says absolutely nothing about it being a theatrical release. Just a feature length. So for all we know this could be another Direct-to-DVD project. So Bleeding Cool either just forgot to mention it was a theatrical project, or they need to do a little more research cause they're not right in this being Mickey's feature debut.

That being said, they seriously do need to do a big theatrical feature film for Mickey. It's a crime that it hasn't been done yet.

Soldierone3694d ago

This is where I got confused. As I know he has been in "movies" but never anything in theaters. So I didnt know if that counted or not.

I wonder if a mickey mouse movie in theaters would break any records? Especially if they advertise it as the first film he is in. Or would it be more of a Winnie the Pooh type of deal?

JL3694d ago

I bet with the right advertising it could come close to breaking some kind of record. Mickey is definitely far more iconic than Winnie the Pooh. A theatrical release could be huge I bet if done right.

darklordzor3694d ago

He is more iconic than winnie the pooh and chances are it'd be a massive hit. First, it's Mickey, and secondly Disney does know how to make great films. Several good things working for this movie already.

darklordzor3694d ago

They probably just forgot to mention the theatrical part of it. I mean they talk about the new Winnie the Pooh movie in the same breath so they are probably assuming that people understand it to mean theatrical.

With the guy they were interviewing it's not likely that he was just talking about a direct-to-DVD release...the way he answers just wouldn't jive with that.

Shani3694d ago

I didn't know that Mickey didn't have full feature film for him.
Good to know they are going to make one. Can't wait to get more info on this.

JL3694d ago

Yea, that kinda blows my mind that he's never been in an actual theatrical feature film.

darklordzor3693d ago

The only real sad part about this, is that since they're only in the early stages of talking about it, it could still be a long time before we see anything else on this film. It'll still be a few years out before it releases, and a long time before we start to see anything on it. While it's very cool, we've got a long wait ahead of us.

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