Quesada Talks Cap, Thor, & Avengers Movies

Marvel's CCO Joe Quesada spoke with Newsarama while at C2E2 about the various Marvel projects coming out, but what should be most exciting for fans is the confirmation that The Avengers has started filming.

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darklordzor3504d ago

I know it's a video, but the Newsarama site doesn't give their videos embed codes so I couldn't put it in there.

darklordzor3504d ago

Oh yeah, and of course the big news here is that they've started! Yay!

I'm really anxious to see how this all comes together. Who knows, since they're already filming, maybe those teaser trailer rumors are true about one being attached to Thor or Captain America.

Christopher3503d ago

Not sure we'll see a teaser trailer this early on unless it includes clips from Captain America and Thor and how the rumored story elements from both of those will lead into the Avengers movie.

Marvel is going to make a lot of money this summer. Do wish they would learn to space their movies out a bit better, but so far the quality of them is looking to be improved and I hope they keep that going.

darklordzor3502d ago

You're probably right and a trailer would be too soon, and I agree that I wish they're pacing on these films was better. It's too much of an overload for the most part.