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IGN: Sucker Punch Review

IGN:Director Zack Snyder's epic action-fantasy Sucker Punch revolves around Babydoll (Emily Browning), a young woman who is committed against her will to an asylum. Inside this hellhole -- run by the vicious Blue (Oscar Isaac) and his reluctant accomplice, Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino) -- Babydoll flees into her imagination in order to devise an escape plan.

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darklordzor3696d ago

Wow, that was a very well written review, and as such has me worried. Like I've said before though, I'm still set to see it because I love Snyder, but I was really hoping for so much more.

Rival_313695d ago

I'm disappointed with this review and I was amazed at the movie.

Then again IGN can have their opinion if they want.

darklordzor3695d ago

You know that's the thing, every review is going to be different in some way. For the most part, unless it's a person I actually know (which I'm starting to know quite a few reviewers these days) I don't really pay attention to the reviews. I'll read them, but I don't give much weight to them.

Rival_313695d ago

Lol at my dislikes.
Obviously people who love this review.

Soldierone3696d ago

Oh great.....I dunno what to say.

DigitalHorror813696d ago

We have a newspaper that said Punisher WarZone was a 2.5/10. Thank God I watched it anyway. It was epic. Guys, take these reviews with a grain of salt.

JL3696d ago

Always take reviews with a grain of salt unless you're a regular reader of one particular critic and found that your tastes are very similar. Even then if you think you could like it based on what they said, still give it a try as there's always some place that tastes divide.

I pay much more attention to what's said in the review rather than the score. And if the cons are something I can deal with, then it definitely won't deter me. For instance, of the bad reviews on this I keep hearing that the story isn't all deep and everything. I never expected it to be. I just expected it to be a slightly intelligent, but mainly kick ass movie.

darklordzor3695d ago

Very true my good sir. Score's are always hard to read anyway. Anytime I do a review I may really enjoy a movie but would only give it a 6 or so because of technical issues. Doesn't mean it's not worth seeing, but because of certain issues, didn't get a higher score.

JL3695d ago

Exactly, there's not telling what some reviewers might dock points for. Or in my case, once I'm done with a review and go to actually score it, my scores are typically lower than the average reviewer. Basically because I would RARELY ever give a movie a 10. Plus on top of that a 5 is the center point of my scale and means average, so things tend to gravitate more towards that part of the spectrum.

Whereas a lot of reviewers would have a 6 or 7 being just an average movie, a 6 or 7 from me means either above average (6) or good and enjoyable (7).

Soldierone3695d ago

That is extremely true! I love that movie and it got more horrible reviews than anything i ever loved. It was a fantastic movie that just released at the wrong time. I mean honestly who wants to watch a punisher movie during Christmas?

That and I was starting to doubt this movie, but all the fantasy stuff etc...going on....I just CANNOT pass it up. It looks fantastic for its own reasons.

VMAN_013696d ago

Exactly, theres so many movies which have gotten not so great reviews yet I enjoyed them throughly.

JL3696d ago

Indeed, there are many like that for me. Just as an example, Boondock Saints is pretty universally panned (has 19% on RT) but it's one of my favorites.

darklordzor3695d ago

Wow, I don't know how it's so critically panned, when the popular opinion is that it's amazing. Honestly, I don't know of anyone who didn't like that movie!

Soldierone3695d ago

People tend to hate that movie without even seeing it. That or they "watch" it without paying attention to it and nag on it for all these movie aspects that shouldnt be nagged on about.

Its like hating Its Always Sunny in Phildelphia for being "cheesy" when its made to be that way.

Ive never had a person watch Boondock Saints and say they hated it, they always repeat lines from the movie and so on.

JL3695d ago

I know a few that didn't like it. I mean I can get it. It's fairly mediocre on several levels (technical aspects) and it can be kinda cheesy, plus it's just not for everyone. But I don't at all agree with that kind of 19% consensus. To me the movie is awesome, no matter how many people hate on it.

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