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NBC's Perfect Couples Gets Cancelled

Well, no big surprise here: NBC'S newest sitcom in the Thursday night line-up has gotten the axe. The abominable Perfect Couples debuted to atrocious ratings and despite being sandwiched between mega-hits Community and The Office, the show has been unable to climb out of its ratings slump.

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darklordzor3508d ago

Good! I can't stand Olivia Munn and am so glad this failed. I know I shouldn't wish bad on anyone, but she was starting to think way too much of herself. I'm very glad she left Attack of the Show for this...since she's not really a nerd. She's a faker and it was obvious.

Christopher3507d ago

I thought her acting was pretty on par with the rest of the cast, though...

darklordzor3507d ago

Lol, well that isn't exactly saying a whole lot....

OSIRUSSS3507d ago

If Miss Munn's acting ability was up to snuff she would make the perfect Wonder Woman.

VMAN_013507d ago

Couldn't agree more darklordzor!

darklordzor3507d ago


I could kind of see that, but like you said, her acting really isn't up to that level.

xVeZx3507d ago

i hate olivia munn....shes not even hot...i dont see it...

OSIRUSSS3507d ago

I saw I pic of her one time without makeup....Yikes!!! I swear she looked like an Ugly Dude. I was mentally scarred by that that pic and wish I had never seen it. But when all made up she is Hot.

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