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C&G Monthly Reviews Sucker Punch

There are moments in Zack Snyder’s latest multimillion dollar pulp epic Sucker Punch that combine so many guilty pleasure elements simultaneously that it’s impossible not to at least smile. Scenes with scantily clad sexpots with stripper names fighting zombie Nazis with samurai swords and handguns certainly hold some appeal. The film combines everything from sexploitation women-in-prison movies to anime and videogames for a peak into the perpetually 14-year-old mind of Zack Snyder. In a time when most films are aimed at the teen boy demographic, he feels like an appropriate auteur for our times. Snyder not only epitomizes the trend, he also shows the limitations of it. While teen boys across the world may well jump up and down with joy in the aisles at a screening of this adolescent fantasy, everyone else seems left out in the cold. If you’re mature enough to recognize the limitations of impossibly glossy action and half-baked ideas, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed and bored by the film after a certain point. And if there’s one thing a movie like this should never do, it’s bore the audience.

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darklordzor3697d ago

Finally starting to see some reviews for it. Starting to wonder on that one. Sucks that this one isn't exactly a glowing review, but honestly, I'm such a Snyder fan that I'll be going regardless.

Soldierone3697d ago

This site also gave Battle LA a horrible review which means they can be trusted