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Narnia 4 Will Be 'Magician's Nephew,' Not 'Silver Chair'

Walden Media has confirmed to The Christian Post that the Narnia 4 movie will be "The Magician's Nephew," not "The Silver Chair" as originally speculated by many fans.

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darklordzor3696d ago

Glad to see that...if it happens, of course. The next two books are good, but since they are so different from the first 3, it'd be hard for audiences to make that shift in the movies. Going to a prequel could really revitalize this franchise and make it worthwhile again. Now we only have to hope that Fox will give it that chance.

kay51493693d ago

I agree. My whole family is in love with Narnia and will see all of them over and over so we'll see what they say about this one..