Shakefire - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Review

Shakefire writes, "It was only last year that Diary of a Wimpy Kid hit theaters to mild success. Based on the popular book series by Jeff Kinney, the film is about middle school student Greg Heffley’s (Zachary Gordon) attempt to become popular. In some aspects, it’s a coming of age story, even if that age is only 12.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules continues Greg’s adventure through middle school with 7th grade. It’s another new year and another opportunity to make an impression. Unfortunately, he is constantly tormented by his older brother, Rodrick (Devon Bostick) who manages to ruin just about any chance he has with the new student in class, Holly Hills (Peyton R. List). To make matters worse, mom has stepped in and created the “Mom Bucks” program that forces Greg and Rodrick to spend time with each other. We’ll see how long that’s able to last."

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darklordzor3506d ago

At least there has been some damn advertising for this film. With the first one last year, I never saw a trailer or a commercial on TV. No wonder it was only mildly successful. At least with this one I've seen a few commercials. Probably going to check it out, but not this weekend....more important matters to attend to.

Christopher3506d ago

Saw it with the wife, I wouldn't say lack of advertising was the only reason it was only mildly successful. The books are great from the perspective of seeing into someone's head. But, you start acting them out in an exaggerated manner in a movie and you just look like a jerk that makes me wish I hadn't paid money to see.

darklordzor3506d ago

@ cgoodno

Yeah I'm sure that wasn't the only reason, but it definitely couldn't have helped. You know I've never read the series, but everytime I see it I think about picking them up. Then my wife reminds me that I essentially could have written those, since I too was a wimpy kid in life.