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Netflix Loses Showtime Shows 'Dexter,' 'Californication'

Netflix will soon lose the rights to stream Showtime's original series "Dexter," "Calilfornication" and others.

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darklordzor3696d ago

Yeah I think I heard about this yesterday. That kind of sucks that they are losing all these different shows, since I know of a few people who use the service specifically for those things.

Hell since I don't have any of the premium channels it's about the only way I get to watch some of those shows.

Tuxmask553696d ago

The shows are the only reason my wife and I even have Netflix. We've been streaming Bones, Dead Like Me and Grey's Anatomy.

Or, rather I should say SHE's been streaming those. I typically stream stand-up comedy.

darklordzor3696d ago

@ Tuxmask55

It's okay man to admit you watch Grey's Anatomy....You don't have to blame your wife :)

But that's a prime example right there of the people affected by this. Is this going to change your subscription to Netflix at all?

Tuxmask553696d ago

Only if it effects the shows we watch.

OSIRUSSS3696d ago

You know I don't Know one person that watches Bones. Thats weird.

darklordzor3695d ago

Ha! That's funny, but to tell you the truth I can't think of anyone I know who watches it either. It's been on for a while so someone is obviously watching it.

OSIRUSSS3695d ago

I know, and I think Fox is doing a Bones Spinoff next year.

darklordzor3695d ago

Are they really? I hadn't heard that. Are certain character breaking off and doing it? What's the premise, if you know?

OSIRUSSS3695d ago

Micheal Clark Duncan is in it that is all I know.

Soldierone3696d ago

Honestly didn't even know these shows were on Netflix. Shows how much I watch TV....So with that said, sucks for those that do watch it but as for me Im still waiting for new movies to come to netflix faster.

darklordzor3695d ago

@ Soldierone

I totally understand. I never watch any TV shows on Netflix. Occasionally I'll watch a Futurama or a Code Monkeys, but no actual big shows or anything like that. I'm just not interested enough.

Soldierone3695d ago

To be honest the only shows I watch on Netflix (recently) are That 70s Show, Johnny Test, and Good Luck Charlie (which isnt completely a kids show thus I love it)

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