90° Scarface Headed to Blu-ray

From Scarface will be released in a limited edition Blu-ray on September 6th.

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JL3707d ago

Anybody see the price on this thing? I hope to god that's some type of typo or something. Surely that can't be right. If so, there better be some very awesome stuff that they forgot to list that's being included with this. Like...I don't know. Every copy is genuinely autographed by Pacino...when he comes and has dinner with you which is complimentary as part of your purchase.

darklordzor3706d ago

Wow, that blu-ray better play itself in some sort of hologram form for it to be that price. The PR must have had some sort of typo on it. There's no way that can be right. Scarface is good but not $1000 good.