Tron Legacy Reconfigured: Jeff Bridges Gives You the Business

Jordan Minor writes:
I can never imagine being a music critic. Movies and video games sure. I have a lot to say about them and most other nerd things. But with music all I can ever come up with is something like "I like it, it sounds good. I don't know. I don't like lyrics. Robots". That and the admittedly small number of album reviews I've read seem a tad more pretentious then the already pretentious writing style of most other media critics.

So, with that context, some music I think sounds good is the music of Daft Punk, particularly their ridiculosly awesome soundtrack to last year's Tron Legacy, a movie I recognize as not good but still enjoy mostly because of the soundtrack.

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kay51493703d ago

I didn't like this movie to much either. I barely remember the music because the movie lost my attention after a while.