Captain America Trailer

The full trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger has been posted online a day early. Take a peek at one of the summer's most anticipated movies.

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OSIRUSSS3708d ago

Not Bad. Better than I was expecting. This might beat Green Lantern and Thor as the best Superhero movie of the year.

shadow27973707d ago

I'm really not expecting much from Green Lantern. And Thor seems like a difficult character to capture on film to me.

This is my forerunner for best super hero movie, the surprise will be if one of the former beats it. I give Thor better odds than Green Lantern though.

JL3707d ago

I'm not expecting much from any of them. They all seem pretty generic and don't have me all that excited. Doesn't help that I'm getting sort of burnt out on the genre.

xVeZx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

wow at how small he was and then how jacked he got...i like how tony starks father is in this too...

darklordzor3708d ago

Yeah that Howard Stark appearance is kind of geeky cool. Just sends the nerd inside of me bouncing off the walls.

xVeZx3707d ago

i think the term is "fan service"

darklordzor3707d ago

True it is a fan service, but it's just really neat to see some continuity in there, and elements of the grander Marvel universe. Makes everything feel way more connected, and it's something I wish the DC movies would start doing.

Soldierone3708d ago

Theres no way its the same person right?

As for the rest its pretty good. ALOT better than I expected, but i still have my doubts with reason.

JL3708d ago

I said this long ago when we got that teaser spot. I seriously don't think that's him. There's no way. It's not even a matter of him bulking up, the general figure of the two look different. I really think that's him face simply superimposed on another actor's body.

Soldierone3708d ago

Thats what Im trying to look at but the shots are so fast its hard to tell. I think the facial structure is differnt, so its two people that look similar. Get the hair color and style to be the same, and as long as the facial structure isnt dramaticly differnt they will look the same.

The voice can obviously be put in afterwards, it doesnt suit him as the scrowny kid anyways.

Crazay3708d ago

Absolutely that's his face on the skinny guy with some digital trickery to take a way some of the bulk his face has. Very cool effects.

darklordzor3708d ago

I think the face totally looks like Evans. I think it is the same guy, but they are using some awesome technology (like they did in Benjamin Button) to shrink him down. Who knows, it may very well be another person's body. Very incredible work of VFX though.

Christopher3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

It's an advancement of what they did in Spider-man. When Peter Parker was in front of that mirror flexing, it wasn't him, but someone else's body and his head merged onto their body.

This is another actor, who I hope gets more credit than usual for body stand-ins, who stands in and acts out what is needed with CGI trickery to merge the facial features of Chris Evans over top of his with some enhancements to maintain a gaunt look. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy had to wear a gree or blue screen partial mask to get this to work as well as it did.

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Blasphemy3707d ago

It's not the same person. I have never seen that dude that small before. He is the same one that played in The Fantastic 4.

darklordzor3708d ago

That's not too shabby. Definitely a lot better than I was expecting. Mostly I was really happy to see how much more they focused on the story than the action. Gives me hope that this won't merely be a popcorn action flick and will have some sort of substance to it.

xino3708d ago

it's like I've just seen the whole movie from this trailer:)


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