Wrath of the Titans Starts Production, Official Plot Revealed

Warner Bros has issued a press release this morning stating that filming has begun for Wrath of the Titans and even included the full official synopsis.

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darklordzor2953d ago

Something that I didn't realize at first when I read the press release... there's no Gemma Arterton! Guess that means she'll be too busy on the Hansel and Gretel movie to be on this one. Honestly, this doesn't hurt my feelings. I don't think she's that great and did absolutely nothing in this first movie.

OSIRUSSS2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Hansel and Gretel the movie? That sounds so outrageous I might have to see it.That Story always made me LOL. The Kids started eating the witch's house. They were like termites.

The First Titans remake was ok but you could tell that the Script was hacked and Chopped many times over. Hopefully this one doesn't have as many rewrites.

darklordzor2952d ago

Well, it's not a straight up adaptation. It's called Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, so it's a more grown up, actiony take on the tale.

xVeZx2952d ago

clash of the titans was so stupid i expect this to be the same

Quagmire2952d ago

don't be so glum, after all they will make it 3D in post-production!

darklordzor2952d ago


I know. I just don't get that logic. It was one of the things the first was so heavily criticized for, and they go ahead and decide to do it again. Makes me worried that if they are making THAT mistake again, what other similar mistakes are they repeating?

JL2952d ago

I didn't have a problem with the first (the remake). It wasn't great or anything, but it was ok. I'll watch another. Though I will wait till this hits DVD.

darklordzor2952d ago

@ JL

My main problems stemmed from the fact that I am such a big fan of the original movie. The original film had a much deeper story and characters you really cared about when they died. The remake just went for the action side of it, and totally ignored the rest. I didn't care when any of the characters died, nor did I find myself caring if Perseus won in the end.

GodsHand2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Where's my Bubo Owl, those bastards left him out of the first movie, unless you count the small scene he was brought out, then put back away.

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