H&T: The Tourist - Blu-ray Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: I hate writing reviews up on movies like this. It has nothing inherently wrong with it, the cast is great (despite some reservations with the two main stars), the location is beautiful, and the story is filled with so many Hitchcockian touches throughout. But yet there was something missing from it, it all felt flat. I found myself drifting away thinking of many better films I could be watching or wondering how much Jolie and Depp were paid for their Italian vacation while filming. When you start thinking about what you have planned for tomorrow or how many loads of laundry need to be done while watching a movie with two of today's biggest stars there is most certainly something wrong. I can handle a bad film, I love a great or even good film but the hardest thing for me to do is force myself to be interested in a film that seemingly has no interest in itself. The Tourist is one of the greatest and most puzzling failures of last year and af...

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