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YellowBrickRoad: 10 Great Costume Movies

When people think of great movie costumes period dramas like Gone with the Wind and Elizabeth come to mind and these movies definitely are automatic list toppers when it comes to great clothes on film. If we assume that these movies are already number 1 and 2 and we push them aside what other great movie costumes can be counted? Well here are a list of my favorites.

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JL3697d ago

I'd add Gladiator, The Fifth Element, Harry Potter, Dick Tracy, Braveheart and Matrix.

darklordzor3697d ago

Oh...Dick Tracy, great addition there JL. I love that movie and the costumes were fantastic for it.

Glad to see Star Wars mentioned in there. Their costumes are all very iconic, so not mentioning them would seem very odd.

I would also throw out the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for deserving of a spot.