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New Captain America Trailer Footage and Short Clip

SuperHeroHype says:

Entertainment Tonight has aired more footage from the new Captain America: The First Avenger and Paramount Pictures has given a sneak peek at a 6-second clip. Expect more of those clips before the full trailer comes online this Thursday! You can watch both using the players below.

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Crazay3697d ago

@DLZ - This really has to get you amped up a little dude. I'm not even a Captain America fan (more of a Captain Canuck fan myself) but this looks sharp. Gritty and accurate to the character. This is going to be a good movie.

darklordzor3697d ago

Wow, I haven't even commented yet and I"m getting the '@' symbol!

It does have me more excited...too bad I couldn't really enjoy it past the fricking announcer on the show. I will say it has me very intrigued for the trailer later this week. Can't wait for a high end version of that!

darklordzor3696d ago

Tomorrow....Marvel has posted on their Twitter that the full trailer will be released on the morrow. No specific time was given though, so let's hope it's really early and not like the long wait we had for the X-Men First Class trailer.

Christopher3696d ago

This is Thor have me pumped for comic book movies for this year. Both look to be done right. Makes me a very excited geek.

Christopher3695d ago

"This is Thor have me pumped"?

Damn, this proposal work is killing me mentally.

darklordzor3694d ago

LOL! Yeah, but fortunately we all understand and knew what you meant.

RockmanII73696d ago

Full trailer here, looks great.

darklordzor3696d ago

Yeah I can't believe this thing has dropped a full day early. Wonder how that ended up happening. Maybe they lied to us just to have it be an actual surprise.

Bray62633695d ago

This looks like a good movie (: