Paramount Ends 4-Year Attempt To Turn Frank Herbert's 'Dune' Into Film Franchise

From Deadline:

Paramount has turned loose the giant worm, and everything else that was part of the seminal Frank Herbert science fiction novel series Dune. The studio’s four-year attempt to make a movie out of the franchise has fallen by the wayside. Paramount and the rights holders came to a parting of the ways as the rights lapsed. “Paramount’s option has expired and we couldn’t reach an agreement,” said Richard P. Rubinstein, who controls the rights to what is considered the biggest selling science fiction book ever.

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darklordzor3708d ago

Why! Dammit just when I thought things were picking up in movie news today we get this bummer...

OSIRUSSS3708d ago

Good, Hollywood would mess this up bad.

darklordzor3708d ago

I don't think they'd really mess it up this time around. They've learned a lot about adaptations over the years (since that's most of what they do now) and I think it would have been handled fantastically! I'm such a big Dune fan, and I was really hoping to see this come together.

OSIRUSSS3707d ago

I think that Dune would need a lot of things to come together to get it right. The only director I would want near it would be Peter Jackson.Any other Director would be in over his/her head with source material.

Quagmire3707d ago

A Movie about chili spice flowing on sand dunes?

darklordzor3707d ago

@ Quagmire

LOL, I really hope you are joking...if not, my it hurts my soul....