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Sucker Punch Round Table Interviews at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted round table audio interveiws with the stars of Sucker Punch.

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cody2oo3704d ago

the first two work, but the final one i can't get to load.

otherwise, AWESOME i get to see it at a screener thursday, fricken pumped :)

Soldierone3704d ago

Where are all the reviews for this movie? Pre screens have been going on for the past week or so.

Garethvk3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

It's against studio policy to post a review before the film opens. Reps are cracking down. Those that do post early are breaking the studios rules and risk losing their press access.

darklordzor3704d ago

@ Garethvk,

That's not true for all movies, only some. That's why we see reviews for movies typically a week before they release. They only clamp down occasionally and its something that has to be said before the screening event.

For this movie that could be a good or bad sign. Hard to tell at this point.

Garethvk3704d ago

Every screener we go to, the reps clearly state that no reviews can run until the film is released and penalty for doing so is a loss of press access. That is true for B.C. Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and many others. I know they tend to turn a blind eye towards L.A. but it sucks as we are all at a disadvantage as we cannot post the reviews first.

Soldierone3703d ago

They never said that before any screening ive been to in AZ. I go to a lot of them since I know people that give me a heads up, but they never say anything about reviews. They say dont record, talk about the movie, etc...but thats it.

darklordzor3703d ago

Yeah I've never encountered that issue before at any of the screening events I've been to. I'm based out of Texas but my other writers are all over and haven't had that issue either. Odd...

cody2oo3704d ago

I'd say this movie is on review lockdown because its a bit outta the normal for movies, i still can't get the zack interview to work....

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