Who's Reading For 'Total Recall' Gals?

Deadline says:

Sony Pictures is casting up its Total Recall remake, which Len Wiseman will direct with Colin Farrell starring in the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are two major female roles in the film, and several top actresses are vying for them. First, there is the role of Lori, who started out the 1990 Paul Verhoeven-directed original as the happy homemaker wife of Douglas Quaid, only to transform into the bride from hell. That's the role that really launched the star of Sharon Stone (who would star in Verhoeven's Basic Instinct) and I'm told that Kate Bosworth and Inglourious Basterds' Diane Kruger are reading this week for that role. Those readings began yesterday.

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darklordzor3509d ago

Honestly...I don't really care. I enjoyed the original film, but am not very interested in this remake. I could have definitely lived without it.

Crazay3509d ago

Oh come on - They had a franchise potential and let it die. I mean I would have loved to see another movie about the girl with 3 boobs.

darklordzor3509d ago

Well that just goes without saying, but even by today's standards it's hard to flesh out a movie (pun sort of intended) based on a character with 3 boobs...

GodsHand3508d ago

I had a total recall, didnt Benny have five kids to feed, or was it four? Ahh forget it he's not even married, so who knows.

All I know, is they better not change the movie score or I will lobotomized them all. That's all for now, I got to go catch my Johnny Cab for work.

darklordzor3508d ago

@ GodsHand

Then you better get your tools ready. On these remakes, they're going to change about everything. There may be elements of the original score, but more than likely it'll all be new.